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A Semi-Regular In-Character Wormhole Blog

Welcome to the Wormhole Diaries! 


This is a (sometimes loosely) in-character blog detailing wormhole life, space piracy and PVP action ranging from small ganks to large-scale fleet operations. All diary entries are written from the perspective of capsuleer Erica Dusette herself as she details both her personal and professional lives alongside her friends and family as they adventure within the confines of Anoikis and far beyond... 


All diary entries revolve around actual ingame events including both space and roleplay encounters. If you interact with any of my characters in any form ingame or across any medium you may one day find yourself a subject of the Wormhole Diaries! You have been duly warned ...


<-  Diary entries are listed by year/month and can be found by navigating the menu on the left of page.

Feedback is always welcome by EVE mailing Erica Dusette.




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